Nicholas B Campanella

Chairman & CEO

Nicholas Campanella, is the founder of the Company and has been its President and a Director since its inception in 2009. He has served in many roles of community service as environmental commissioner and chairman of economic development committee as well as Grand Knight for the Knights of Columbus. Mr. Campanella has been a business owner since 1996 in various manufacturing and sales divisions. Mr. Campanella attended New York Institute of Technology in 1984, where he majored in Business Management.

Vincent Randanzzo


Was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of Sun Pacific Power Corp. because of his management experience with manufacturing operations and financial reporting. Mr. Randazzo received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Saint Francis College. Mr. Randazzo started his career as an accounting clerk for Agip, USA. Thereafter, he quickly became an Manager of General Accounting for Time Warner Corporation making his eventually to Plant Manager in his 10 years with the company. In 1998, Mr. Randazzo joined I.L Walker, Inc., a folding carton manufacturing operation, as Vice President/General Manager. I.L. Walker, Inc. at the time had annual sales of $23,000,000. Mr. Randazzo was responsible for 155 employees, initiated new manufacturing and quality standards. Based on his experience with I.L. Walker, Inc., in 2001, Mr. Randazzo started his own firm, Zapp Packaging, Inc. driving sales from $1,500,000 the first year of operations to $15,000,000 in 2005 when he sold the company. In 2006, Mr. Randazzo joined MyPrint and division of e-Tools Corporation as VP of Operations until he was appointed CEO in 2007, where he remains today. Mr. Randazzo’s experience brings true expertise in building and growing the business of the Company.